☆ old souls ☆


"For me, the essence of an old soul is rich, pure and beautiful - an ultimate truth - and a reminder that we're connected to and part of something greater than ourselves"

-Nicki, Founder and Creative Director

☆ our founder ☆


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" You can't unsee what you've seen. You can't close your eyes to the realities of the fashion industry, it's effects on the planet, animals, and the humans who take part in it's creation."

- Nicki on her prise de conscience and what led her to start a sustainable brand

☆ Light and Nostalgia ☆


"I love the fluid silhouettes and retro graphics of the 70s, the bold 80s nostalgia with its animal and abstract prints, the jeans, t-shirt and blazer minimalism of the 90s"

- Nicki on the references that inspire her



"I try to design the interesting building blocks that provide women with a versatile and rich foundation for getting dressed. While I love mixing and matching all of my pieces, their strength lies in the space they offer for personal interpretation.”

Nicki shares a lot of her personal journey in her long monthly newsletter that we've begun transitioning to and will soon be available on our blog. Subscribe here for more