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Passion is at the heart of all of the actors who contribute to the design, development and manufacturing of Vieilles Âmes pieces. Our suppliers, designer, patternmaker, cutters and seamstresses love challenges and take pride and joy in this demanding work

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Consciousness, not solely as individuals, but as world citizens and actors in a bigger picture, and a desire to contribute to that picture in a positive and substantial way are the pillars of Vieilles Âmes. For us that means opening our eyes to the most pressing issues related to our industry and its effects on the environment. We are committed to using best practices when it comes to our development as well as our production - working with existing and natural materials, using natural dyeing methods, limiting use of leather, producing locally, using recycled and plantable packaging, etc. Our small runs of limited edition items eliminate large quantities of stock and the waste that comes along with it. For us this also means coming back to authenticity in a time when the world needs it the most.

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It’s so rare to have something today that no-one else has that we really set out to create something unique. Opting for an item-driven design approach as opposed to a collection based one enables us to create more versatile items that have the possibility to traverse both seasons and time. These items are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition in nature, as they are mostly created from deadstock material no longer in production. We also source vintage accessories and trims, which makes all of our products that much more special.

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add something to the world

Firm believers that we all came here to create something bigger than ourselves, we searched deep within to develop a brand that added something positive and expansive to the world. While Vieilles Âmes is an expression of our desire and need to create, we primarily use its clothing to connect to others by sharing experiential wealth and values in an uplifting and inspiring way. We strive to create harmony first in our lives and then in the lives of others, by making sure to honor and care for our interior selves as much as our exteriors, and by creating products that are physical extensions of that accord.

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