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After years of searching for a way to integrate purpose into our passion, we created Vieilles Âmes so that we could continue creating clothing through a brand that embodied a message bigger than itself.

Vieilles Âmes aspires to create unique, treasured items with soul by working from a combination of already existing deadstock, vintage, and natural materials, produced in a conscious way that respects all the actors who contribute to its development, the natural resources, and the planet at large.


In staying true to the name that they bear, our Vieilles Âmes not only have their own stories, history and richesse, they also carry little tidbits of wisdom from life lived of their own.

These tidbits are a way for us to create a space where external fashion merges with the internal world of the wearer, and where us women can link up with other like-minded women, interested in connecting to their authentic selves and living rich, rewarding and expansive lives.

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