FW'23, "la Brightest Light"

beautiful model smiling brightly on a beach in the south of franceMy forever inspiration and the inspiration behind Vieilles Âmes has always been about creating clothing for women that is going to take them through their personal journeys. Every season, the story is really about our woman, and the continuation of the special, yet wearable building blocks that we create that take her through her days and into her nights, and that help her go out into the world and shine ☆

The FW’23 capsule collection “la Brightest Light” catches back up with our woman where we left her on the seaside of Nice, France. As late season tourists soak up the last bits of warm sun and locals take their morning baths, it proves to be the perfect backdrop for our freedom seeking, anti-conformist woman, who’s turned the promenade into her playground.

Armed with the foundation she’s been building within herself, we created essential pieces that speak to that foundation and the idea of her becoming bold in simply being herself. Minimal, yet statement making, our Billie shirts cut in organic cotton, our beloved Builder Jeans back in multiple iterations, and our Trailblazer (lined for winter) in a masculine houndstooth, all highlight this newfound inner assurance and the fact that our woman is comfortably seated at the center of herself.

Now that she’s built that inner foundation, she can really go out into the world and shine. This idea is reflected back in our more fantasy fabrics, the playful polka dot that takes form in the Happy Top, the joyful and luminous satin faced crepes in which we’ve recut our timeless Gabrielle Skirt in vintage rose as well as our new sensual Audrey Dress in multiple colors, as well as our fun metallic Stream Pant Fête in soft metal.

The name of our collection really came full circle with our ray of sunshine, Elisabeth Ants, the gorgeous model who kindly traveled down from Paris to Nice to shoot with us. Her Julia Roberts smile not only lit up our day and spirits, it lights up the photos from the shoot, and is the incarnation of how our clothes aspire to make you feel.

This first drop is not only for you; it’s a testament to you and your own journey. So here it is, part 1, we hope you love it.




ps. stay tuned for part 2 and feel free to let us know what you think below 

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