Born in France, Vieilles Âmes (pronounced "vi:-eiz a:m") is the French equivalent of the anglophone idiom "Old Souls.”

Originally inspired by the evolutionary process of transforming vintage clothing and giving new life to deadstock fabrics, this name serendipitously merged with our founder's desire to create a purpose-driven brand and share experiential wealth with others.

True to their name, all Vieilles Âmes pieces, wise beyond their years, embody and carry a quote embedded inside of them, slowly dispersing accumulated tidbits of wisdom from lived life out into the world.

As a concept, Vieilles Âmes celebrates the beauty, depth, and wisdom that come with time while uniting all of us in our core essence and eternal truth, and serving as a timeless symbol that links the past, present, and future.

"For me, an old soul is something rich, something pure, something beautiful—an ultimate truth if you will—and a reminder that we're all connected to, and part of something greater than ourselves.”

—Nicki, Founder and Creative Director



After several years of working as a womenswear designer for both luxury and contemporary brands in New York City, as well as on some costume design projects for music videos and short films, Nicki launched her own advanced contemporary womenswear label. The brand was quickly picked up by several high-end boutiques and featured in numerous prestigious magazines such as Elle, InStyle, WWD, and Style.com. Shortly thereafter, the label secured investors.

Despite her early success, the unsustainable pace at which Nicki had been running for almost a decade starts to take a real toll. This eventually leads to a series of dramatic events that force her to close her company just a few years later. Depleted and unable to accept the death of her beloved brand, Nicki decides to leave New York. She books a one-way ticket to the South of France, embarking on a sort of reverse migration back to Europe where she feels at home.

Far removed from the fashion world, Nicki spent the following years studying everything from wellness to nutrition, spirituality and personal development. As a student and teacher, she became rich in transmission and cultural experiences. She learned the French language, savored local cuisine, admired breathtaking landscapes, and developed a deeper consciousness about the world and our place in it.

One day, her passion returned with full force, and she had no choice but to start again. However, this time, she was armed with a solid foundation, her newfound wealth, and a perspective shaped by the woman she had become.

"You can't unsee what you've seen. You can't close your eyes to the realities of the fashion industry, its effects on the planet, animals, and the humans who take part in its creation.”

—Nicki on her prise de conscience and what drove her to create a sustainable brand



Renowned artists from Picasso to Matisse have often cited the light and colors of the Côte d'Azur as a source of inspiration. In the same way, Nicki was inspired by the region's radiance to start designing again. In contrast to the strict black that characterized her previous brand, Vieilles Âmes pieces reflect the warm, bright, and colorful hues that fill her daily life.

An 80s baby and nostalgic old soul, Nicki draws inspiration from the silhouettes, prints, and music of multiple eras spanning the 70s to the 90s. She also finds inspiration in French culture and music, as well as in the concept of masculine femininity.

"I love the fluid silhouettes and retro graphics of the 70s, the bold 80s nostalgia with its animal and abstract prints, and the jeans, t-shirt, and blazer minimalism of the 90s”



Today, Nicki's designs are influenced by her New York/American roots as well as her daily life in the South of France. Both colorful and chic, Vieilles Âmes style is characterized by a unique blend of femininity and masculinity, structure and fluidity, and nostalgia and modernity.

Our founder and designer's passion for fit, unique, luxurious, and comfortable fabrics, combined with a practical approach to design, results in exciting yet timeless pieces that can be endlessly mixed and matched with one another. These long-term, reliable and versatile pieces stand the test of time, and mirror her approach to sustainable design.

"I aim to design interesting building blocks that provide women with a versatile and rich foundation for getting dressed. While I enjoy constantly mixing and matching my pieces, their strength lies in their ability to be interpreted by the wearer.”