All of our products are sustainably and ethically made in Nice—also known as "Nissa la Bella"—a sunshine doused, colorful, and inspiring city located between the French Alps and the Mediterranean Sea in the far southeast corner of France. It is situated not far from the Italian border, the country to which it belonged until 1860.

Our team of skilled artisans, comprised of both men and women, pour their hearts and expertise into crafting the clothes you purchase from us. Working in a light-filled, spacious atelier, they share laughter and greet us every day with warmth and smiles, taking immense pride in their craft of clothing production.

The passion and positive energy we infuse into every piece of our clothing is tangibly felt when you receive a Vieilles Âmes item.

"We're committed to sustainably and ethically creating clothing not only for the planet, but for every actor that takes part in its creation—ourselves included."

☆use what exists☆


Fabric is one of our greatest passions and is actually the starting point for everything we do. Rather than designing pieces and then trying to find suitable fabric, we conversely design into the fabric that inspires us.

To prioritize sustainability in our work, we've chosen not to produce new fabric each season. Instead, we exclusively work with unique, high-quality deadstock fabrics, mostly sourced from warehouses in Italy. Otherwise intended for destruction, we enjoy the challenge of uncovering these hidden treasures and transforming them into exciting timeless pieces, both relevant today and for years to come.

☆keep it unique☆


All of our pieces are created in small batches with limited quantities. This is done to reduce overproduction, useless stock, and inevitable waste. For styles that sell out, we always re-cut if possible, in order to finish a given stock and close the circle of production.

Moreover, our pieces are completed with rare vintage trims sourced from old merceries in France, which adds a special touch to each item. These exclusive trims, in combination with the limited number of pieces of any given style in the world, enable us to provide our customers with a piece that is almost as unique as they are.

Starting in September 2023, we will be implementing a pre-order system for all new items. Although minimal, this system will inform our production and help reduce any surplus stock.



In addition to printing hangtags and all of our other paper goods on recycled paper, and using both recycled and biodegradable mailing envelopes, we have completely eliminated plastic entirely from our very minimal carbon footprint production process.

We hand off our locally sourced fabric to our local atelier. After the fabric is cut and sewn, the production pieces are picked up without plastic garment bags and directly transferred to our showroom, which is less than one km away, where we keep our stock.