Spring 2024


P R I S M, our new collection shot against the backdrop of « chez nous » , the stunning French Riviera, is inspired by the words inherent symbolism of life. From the clarity and optimism of new beginnings, to rich and colorful expansive perspectives, P R I S M reminds us of the depths of our own being as well as the inter-connectedness of all things.

Chapter 2 : R E F L E C T I O N S brings us to the front of the P R I S M where white light is celebrated through a story of linen viscose blends in blanc hues, as well as reflective satins and viscose jacquards that remind us of the beauty of reflection and the birth of new perspectives.

Life causes us to weather many storms, from which always come a rainbow. Without those storms, we'd all be color-less.

Chapter 1 H U E S explores the result of light breaking into its constituent colors, reminding us of all the different facets of ourselves, all of our H U E S.

"Celebrate all the H U E S that make you, you"




Always playfully chic and colorful, our latest collection brings you refreshed classics alongside entirely new designs—all responsibly created with love in France.

Her soul is a kaleidoscope
Bursting with every shade and hue

Chromatic Pairing

Complementary bold, yet soft, colors that inspie effortless styling

Brilliant Details

Unique details, hand crafted by artisans from the French Riviera

Rare Treasures

High-quality, small batch pieces made from rich Italian deadstock fabrics

sustainable fashion, model walking in a white suit on an open road

Explore a rainbow of possibilities.